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Viggle Inc. (VGGL)






NXT-ID (NXTD) is a technology company offering numerous biometric solutions. Using metrics related to human characteristics and traits, NXTD has developed Wocket, a physical electronic wallet that is intended to hold information from virtually any magnetic stripe card. It enables card owners to configure a single electronic card to imitate any of the copied cards. The company provides its solutions for securing mobile platforms, as well as for access control and law enforcement facial recognition markets.


Another company solution includes biocloud™, a cloud-based identity authentication solution for consumer applications and corporate security. The product is an authentication and identity management service offering remote access for standard operations such as online banking and mobile payments. This service relieves financial institutions and corporations from billions invested in enterprise security management by providing much needed security to sensitive consumer information that is more easily accessible. The demand for the service is heightened now more than ever due to the increased use of mobile devices used to access corporate data.


For individuals who use a variety of secure devices where the identification of individual characteristics is important, the MobileBio™ voicematch™ biosensor can communicate with the intended device directly or remotely. The voicematch™ biosensor is known to be the world’s first “web enabled” biometric device that can connect physically or wirelessly. Verification can be performed locally or through cloud based identity management and information biocloud™ assurance services. This device will also help secure one aspect of “BYOD” (Bring your own device) computing, which is a growing concern within corporations where individuals are using their personal devices to connect to their company’s IT servers.


MobileBio™ facematch™ is a modular facial recognition platform technology that can be applied to a variety of platforms including smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers. Depending on the number of cameras available and level of security desired, facematch™ will use 2D, pseudo 3D or 3D facial recognition algorithms to give the user access to their device, data, or door. facematch™ technology can be hosted on the device or configured to access cloud computing for remote authentication via NXT-ID’s biocloud™ Authentication and Identity Management Services. Look for the technology to be available as an “app” on the iPhone and/or Android.






PEDEVCO Corp. (PED), dba Pacific Energy Development, drives shareholder value through acquisitions, exploration, development and production of oil and natural gas shale plays in the US. The company’s primary operations are in the Niobrara Shale play, made up of approximately 16,378 acres of oil and gas properties in Weld and Morgan Counties, Colorado and the Mississippian Lime play that consists of approximately 3,443 acres of oil and gas properties in Comanche, Harper, Barber, and Kiowa Counties, Kansas. Since the beginning of 2014, the company had proven undeveloped reserves of 393,043 barrels of oil and 781 million cubic feet of natural gas. PED has strategic alliances with MIE Holdings Corporation to develop unconventional shale properties along with STXRA for the acquisition, engineering, oil drilling and completion technology services.


Publically held, the company exerts significant effort and resources at pursuing acquisitions proven to be strategic, high-value energy projects, including shale oil and gas assets in the United States.


The company is positioned to grow based on strategies involving three components. This is acknowledged by way of applying its experience and technical expertise to identify profitable investments in the energy space – namely a focus on shale oil and gas in the United States. Secondly, the company is centered on developing strong cash flow and value for the shareholder. PED’s strategic model acts to acquire and leverage a productive asset base with capabilities to develop strong cash flow and value. The company’s strategy is rounded out by limiting its capital exposure done so through strategic partnerships and alliances.


The Niobrara-DJ Basin is a crude oil and liquids rich gas play that is located in Northeast Colorado and Southeast Wyoming. Its Denver-Julesburg (D-J) Basin Asset is situated in the heart of Wattenberg, Wattenberg Extension and Colorado Mineral Belt in Weld and Morgan Counties, Colorado known to be a prime drilling location with a strong presence of key operators, including Synergy, Bonanza Creek, and Carrizo. PED holds 18,300 net acres and serves as the operator through its subsidiaries Red Hawk Petroleum and Condor Energy Technology, along with strategic partners Global Globe and MI Energy.


As a leading low-cost operator in the basin, PED focusses on drilling efficiency and highly-economically operations to drive its profitability. As an example, The Mississippian Lime Play is a porous limestone formation containing natural gas and oil that takes in areas of northern Oklahoma and southern and western Kansas. A long term oil play, the Mississippian has become one of largest onshore oil plays through application of new horizontal drilling technology.




Viggle Inc. (VGGL)


Viggle Inc. (VGGL) operates as an entertainment and marketing rewards platform promoting an app that rewards its members for watching TV shows and discovering new music. Viggle’s platform boasted a total reach of 28 million last month - 7.7 million of which were registered users. Since its launch, Viggle members have redeemed over $20 million in rewards for watching TV programs and listening to music. Members can use Viggle’s store, accessible through the Viggle app or on, to redeem their points for movies, TV shows and music downloads.


There are several other apps to Viggle’s name. The company also has developed and operates Wetpaint, which offers entertainment and celebrity news online; NextGuide, maker of technology that helps consumers search for, find, and set reminders for TV shows and movies; and Choose Digital, a digital marketplace platform that allows companies to incorporate digital content into existing rewards and loyalty programs in support of marketing and sales initiatives.


What’s good for the consumer is good for the advertiser. Viggle’s web-based entertainment marketing platform doubles as an opportunity for media companies and brands as well. Advertisers are using the platform as a mechanism for guiding users towards various forms of media consumption with television enhancement, music discovery, entertainment content publishing, and distributed viewing reminders.


The company allows its consumers to play TV shows, share comments through social media, answer trivia questions or polls, chat with friends, play games, or discover more about the show, while watching TV through a free application that works on various types of mobile phones and tablets. Its users receive points for each check-in and engagement, such as poll, video quiz, game, or slide show and could redeem the points within the rewards catalog for items, including deals and offers, products, sweepstakes, charitable donations, select retail gift cards, and Viggle-branded and other merchandise.